A Younique Review

Have some questions about Younique-check out this review

First of all Younique is the first direct sales company I have worked with and since I started I have really loved learning about direct sales and the potential that is there.

Top earners in direct sales can make six figures OR MORE and they do it all from their home and on their own schedule.  Which I think is really important especially because I want to be a stay at home mom but still need to make money for our family.  Direct sales and MLM companies are helping so many mom’s and families fulfill that dream and so many others.  There are some that just want to do it because they love the products and can earn an extra $100 or so each month and that is wonderful too!

Like I said I have only worked with Younique so I don’t have any other companies to compare it to but here is what I like about it:

  1. No fees, auto ships or required stock! Which I love because I have looked into other businesses and you have to buy thousands of inventory up front. The only money that I have HAD to invest in my business is the $99 to purchase the starter kit (which comes with about $200 in products) That being said I do spend money sometimes on new products or business cards (you get 100 free business cards when you sign up). But this is not needed and I can earn free makeup too.
  2. I can get free and cheap makeup all the time. When I host my own parties I can get the rewards on top of my commissions and so I get y-cash to spend on products and half priced items.
  3. The support from the other presenters is AMAZING! They help answer questions you have, give you advice and ideas.
  4. Like other direct sales and MLM companies there is a HUGE earning potential with A LOT of hard work!
  5. The Founders are amazing and really care about the products they sell and the presenters.  They have trip incentives, car incentives, great customer support and great training material each week.
  6. The products are awesome and are made with natural ingredients (I love that) and cruelty free. They use ingredients that are good for most skin types and sensitive skin. I have several customers that have sensitive skin and love the products!
  7. Love it Guarantee and great customer support! They have a 14 day money back guarantee for any reason, up to 30 days 80% cash refund or full product credit and up to 90 days product credit. Every time I have contacted support they are friendly, helpful and solve things quickly.
  8. I can work from anywhere! On vacation, out shopping, at home watching tv you can do it all through your phone!

I love working with this company and being able to make money for my family all on my own time. I know how it is to work for a boss and really this is so much better!

Let me know what questions you have about Younique! Learn how to get started with my post: Getting started with Younique.

XO Melesa

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