Super Soft, Super Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

super soft super easy crochet blanket

If you have never used Bernat Blanket yarn YOU ARE MISSING OUT! This is the softest yarn I have ever used and it also makes a very light weight blanket. Other crocheted blankets I have made are very heavy after finishing due to the amount of yarn used to make it. Not with this.

For this project I used two colors of the Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. The size of this blanket ended up being 33 1/2 x 35 1/2. If you want one bigger or smaller just adjust the chain stitches and number of rows accordingly, see super easy.


6 Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn (regular size), Little Roses

1 Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn (regular size), Vanilla

Hook: N-9 mm

With the main color chain stitch 60

Row 1, single crochet all chain stitches

Continue with single crochets for 59 more rows

Finish off

With the border color, join yarn and single crochet around the entire blanket. Join together at the end with a slip stitch and finish off.

Happy crocheting!

Super soft super easy crochet baby blanket


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