A Year To Remember

Goals: Make this year a year to remember! Set those goals and achieve them

So many things have happened in my life this past year in my life and people close to me that have made me think about all the things that I want/should change in my life.  I am still relatively young in the career and family areas, but I think about the future ALL the time.  What will my husband and I be doing for money? How can I be a stay at home mom and still contribute financially? What can we do to prevent some things from happening in the future? So I came up with some things that I wanted to accomplish this year: do something that I love and being able to earn money for our family and stay home with our son. One reason I started a blog!

I have been setting goals for as long as I can remember and I love planning, I am a planner and it helps me accomplish my goals!

Here are some tips to help you set your goals:

When setting a goal it is important to figure out some specifics in it so that it is clear on what the expectations are when the goal is to be accomplished.

I learned a while ago through my job about SMART goals. So this is the lowdown on them.

S: Specific. What do you want to achieve in your area of focus? Are there different areas, what are they?

M: Meaningful. Why is this goal so important to you? This will help drive you during the journey to achieve it. It is important to be specific on your why so you can look back on in it when there are times of struggle.

A: Action Oriented. What steps will be taken to achieve it? I am a list person and love to list out exactly what I am going to do each day or week to achieve my goal. This may work for you or may not. But Make A Plan!

R: Realistic. How do you know that you can achieve this goal? Is this something that you can do? (it may be hard but you do have to be realistic on the past and future to make a realistic goal). You may have to start with a small realistic goal and work for there. Once you have accomplished the first one move on to the next! (It is awesome to accomplish a goal!)

T: Timely. By when do you want to achieve this goal? Set a date or timeframe. This will help you know when to work on it and will drive you to get moving!

With the New Year and everyone making resolutions! Make this year a SMART goal year and accomplish your goals!

What is something you are going to do this year to make it a year to remember?

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