I am a mom who ruins fun.

I am a mom who ruins fun. Today my 3 year old really had to go to the potty before lunch. I mean he didn’t tell me of course but it was very obvious by the way he was dancing around and occasionally holding himself. So I told him he needed to go potty before we had lunch. He then proceeded to cry and make a scene because he didn’t want to go, he wanted to have some Halloween candy.
So I told him he could have some candy after lunch, but before we had lunch he had to go potty. He ran around and cried some more and then came up to me and said he’s sorry. Then he told me that I had to say sorry to him. I asked him why I had to say sorry and he said because I ruined all his fun. I ruined his lunch, his candy, his bear, his slime, his dinosaur… then he just kept saying “you ruined my fun!” That’s the first time I have heard that one but kudos to him for thinking of this lol. He of course calmed down soon and went potty, had lunch and his candy. Consistency is what I keep telling myself. I just have to be consistent in what I tell him and follow through with what I say. But the terrible threes are hard work.
Another funny thing my three year old said today. I started singing “I’m walking on sunshine…” he said to me so matter of factly. “I don’t want to walk on sunshine, it’s going to be too hot.” Yes, son it would be very hot if we walked on sunshine for real lol!
On another “mom at home with the kids” note: I killed 7 wasps today in our house, yes 7! The most I have ever had to kill. And then I look at the wall and ceiling around our front door and there are ladybugs crawling everywhere, and I look outside and it’s like attach of the ladybugs out there. What is going on this year?!?

Easy DIY Felt Envelope

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I wanted to make this felt envelope to put any felt activities or finger puppets I make for my son in. Here is a super easy tutorial!

You will only need 1/4 yard of felt, a button and hot glue or thread and needle.

Cut out a 12 inch by 25 inch rectangle.

Easy DIY Felt Envelope

Fold the bottom up and the top over to make an envelope and then cut a triangle on the top. I would mark the middle and the bottom so you can cut down to it.

Easy DIY Felt Envelope

Hot glue the sides down.

Cut a slit into it for the button.

Easy DIY Felt Envelope

Then you can hot glue or sew on the button.

Easy DIY Felt Envelope

Here’s the end result.

Easy DIY Felt Envelope



Easy Valentine’s Felt Activity Balloon

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

During Christmas time I saw these really cute ideas for toddler activities with a felt Christmas tree or Snowman. I wanted to make something fun for my toddler to do for Valentine’s day and came up with this cute idea! And it’s so simple and cheap.

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

Materials needed:

-Brown felt (to make basket)-$0.25 sheet

-Blue felt (main balloon)-about 1/2 yard and you will have extra $3

-2-3 colors for the hearts (you can go traditional with red and pink or you can mix it up and go with whatever colors you want)-I chose red, light blue and white-$0.25 sheet each


-Hot glue gun


-Measuring tape


Cut out the top and make a big balloon. I free handed mine and the dimensions turned out to be about 12 inches at the biggest point across and 15 inches tall.

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

Cut out a felt square piece with brown size 4 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Then cut the sides down on an angle a little. Cut two strips of brown about 4 inches long. These are your basket and ropes.

Use the sharpie to make a design on your basket.

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

Cut out a thin strip of the color of the balloon, about 6 inches(this will be use to hang the balloon)

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

Hot glue the ropes to the basket and the ropes to the balloon. Then hot glue the blue strip to the top.

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

Cut out about 30 or more hearts in the colors you chose. (I also cut out some shapes to make it a little more educational and I can interact with him a little more while we play with it)

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

Tape or use hooks to put the balloon on the wall-if using tape use masking tape so it doesn’t take paint off

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

I wanted a felt envelope to put everything to store it and I randomly found perfect one for $1 at Dollar General!! If you want to make one here is easy tutorial. My son enjoyed putting everything into the envelope and taking it out just as much as he did putting them on the balloon. Also he decided at one point that he wanted to play with it on the ground.

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

Let your toddler have fun!

Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon Easy DIY Valentine's Felt Activity Balloon

A Year To Remember

Goals: Make this year a year to remember! Set those goals and achieve them

So many things have happened in my life this past year in my life and people close to me that have made me think about all the things that I want/should change in my life.  I am still relatively young in the career and family areas, but I think about the future ALL the time.  What will my husband and I be doing for money? How can I be a stay at home mom and still contribute financially? What can we do to prevent some things from happening in the future? So I came up with some things that I wanted to accomplish this year: do something that I love and being able to earn money for our family and stay home with our son. One reason I started a blog!

I have been setting goals for as long as I can remember and I love planning, I am a planner and it helps me accomplish my goals!

Here are some tips to help you set your goals:

When setting a goal it is important to figure out some specifics in it so that it is clear on what the expectations are when the goal is to be accomplished.

I learned a while ago through my job about SMART goals. So this is the lowdown on them.

S: Specific. What do you want to achieve in your area of focus? Are there different areas, what are they?

M: Meaningful. Why is this goal so important to you? This will help drive you during the journey to achieve it. It is important to be specific on your why so you can look back on in it when there are times of struggle.

A: Action Oriented. What steps will be taken to achieve it? I am a list person and love to list out exactly what I am going to do each day or week to achieve my goal. This may work for you or may not. But Make A Plan!

R: Realistic. How do you know that you can achieve this goal? Is this something that you can do? (it may be hard but you do have to be realistic on the past and future to make a realistic goal). You may have to start with a small realistic goal and work for there. Once you have accomplished the first one move on to the next! (It is awesome to accomplish a goal!)

T: Timely. By when do you want to achieve this goal? Set a date or timeframe. This will help you know when to work on it and will drive you to get moving!

With the New Year and everyone making resolutions! Make this year a SMART goal year and accomplish your goals!

What is something you are going to do this year to make it a year to remember?

Welcome to My Creative Hearts!

my creative hearts

Welcome to my blog, I love saying that.  I have been wanting to start a blog for a while and have finally done it. I like to think that I have a creative heart and now that I have a husband and son their hearts influence everything I do, thus welcome to My Creative Hearts! (three hearts right now, maybe more to come)

Anyways, I absolutely LOVE being a mom, LOVE crafting and LOVE saving money! (Which is part of the reason I craft, things are so expensive).

As any mom, I have had so many experiences from the time I got pregnant to now and continue to experience new things.  I love to share my experiences and things that I have found that worked for me to help other mom’s and mom’s to be find what works for them.

I guess you can say I came from a crafty family, both my parents were great at drawing. So were my siblings and so was I.  As I got older I taught myself to sew many different things, crochet, cross stitch, paint and really anything I want to make.  Plus Pinterest helps A TON!  I have found several ideas for past crafts on blogs and online and I want to share my crafts with others like they shared with me!

I have a degree in Accounting, not really what I had always dreamed of doing, but that is where life took me.  One of the reasons I chose accounting when I needed to choose was because I love math and numbers.  I have the kind of mentality of being a saver, always have been, always will be.  And it is amazing when you can save money and get the things you want for WAY less!

I love this blog and want others to enjoy what I have to say. I love to hear what you think, so ya know let me know what you think. 🙂

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