Getting Started with Younique

Join the Movement-How to get started with Younique

To become a Younique presenter and start earning commission on sales you do need to purchase the starter kit, it is $99 (includes about $200 in products).

Side note: Let me just tell you something about this $99. How many of you spend $100 on nothing (I say nothing because you can’t remember where the $100 went) each month? Well one of those months you could spend it on starting a business and getting some awesome makeup! It is a great investment to make and you can earn your money back quickly! I made mine back in two weeks.

  1. Find the Younique presenter that you have been talking to about joining.  If you don’t have someone, I would love to be your sponsor and help you get started!
  2. Get their website and go to it (simple right?) my website is www.youniqueproducts .com/MelesaJacobs
  3. Click Join near the top
  4. Click Register and then you can sign in (using a social media site or using your e-mail and creating a password)
  5. Fill out the information to get started and purchase your presenter kit.
  6. You can start sending people to your website RIGHT AWAY to order and can start your first online party in minutes.
  7. Your starter kit will be delivered usually within 7 business days. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to get sales! Be enthusiastic about the products and share your excitement with other

XO Melesa

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