I am a mom who ruins fun.

I am a mom who ruins fun. Today my 3 year old really had to go to the potty before lunch. I mean he didn’t tell me of course but it was very obvious by the way he was dancing around and occasionally holding himself. So I told him he needed to go potty before we had lunch. He then proceeded to cry and make a scene because he didn’t want to go, he wanted to have some Halloween candy.
So I told him he could have some candy after lunch, but before we had lunch he had to go potty. He ran around and cried some more and then came up to me and said he’s sorry. Then he told me that I had to say sorry to him. I asked him why I had to say sorry and he said because I ruined all his fun. I ruined his lunch, his candy, his bear, his slime, his dinosaur… then he just kept saying “you ruined my fun!” That’s the first time I have heard that one but kudos to him for thinking of this lol. He of course calmed down soon and went potty, had lunch and his candy. Consistency is what I keep telling myself. I just have to be consistent in what I tell him and follow through with what I say. But the terrible threes are hard work.
Another funny thing my three year old said today. I started singing “I’m walking on sunshine…” he said to me so matter of factly. “I don’t want to walk on sunshine, it’s going to be too hot.” Yes, son it would be very hot if we walked on sunshine for real lol!
On another “mom at home with the kids” note: I killed 7 wasps today in our house, yes 7! The most I have ever had to kill. And then I look at the wall and ceiling around our front door and there are ladybugs crawling everywhere, and I look outside and it’s like attach of the ladybugs out there. What is going on this year?!?

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