How do you know if you’re ready for another baby?

How do you know if you're ready for a baby? Take a fun quiz!

My husband and I have a little boy who will be two in two months and we have been thinking about trying for another baby.  We actually haven’t already gotten pregnant because I am still working and he recently started his own business so we need steady income right now. (on a side note I wanted to be a stay at home mom before we had our first but that wasn’t possible so we are really trying to make sure I can stay home when we have our second)

So at the beginning of last year we said “we will get pregnant at the end of this year” well IT’S ALREADY THE NEXT YEAR, AHHHH!! I can’t believe it’s already past and now it seems kinda scary. Thinking of having two instead of one is really crazy. So I looked up “how do you know if you’re ready for another baby” simple enough, right? And came across this quiz from

Here are some of the questions they asked:

How you act when your friend with a baby comes to visit:

  1. Yes I love that baby…. oh wait you can have them back they started crying
  2. I will do everything…..oh man I need a nap
  3. Leave them here overnight!

Why you are thinking of having another baby:

  1. Parents or family want you to
  2. You planned it and it’s the planned time
  3. You feel like someone is missing from your family

You see a pregnant women and this goes through your mind:

  1. She is soooooo beautiful!
  2. She looks so tired :/

How do you think your family life is right now:

  1. It seems just right, right now
  2. It’s too quiet in the house (even though your toddler is running all around)
  3. It’s sooo loud, I’m going to lay down kids!

When thinking of money:

  1. We have extra, let’s get something fun!
  2. Everything is budgeted
  3. How will I pay my bills?

When you go on outings with your child/children:

  1. Love going out with them
  2. They love going out because they get to spend time with other kids
  3. They always ask for a friend to come with

What would you do if you started your period today:

  1. CRY so much!
  2. Be sad because your birth control worked, why is it so good at it’s job?
  3. Cheer! Another month of having fun!

LOL guess what I got……”You should go off birth control, pronto.”

It’s really all I have been thinking about lately, having another baby in the house.  When my son looked at my belly button the other day I even told him soon there might be a baby in there and you can say baby when you point at it and then you will be able to put your hand on Mommy’s belly and feel the baby kick! I think it’s safe to say I am ready.

If you are really considering having a baby or another baby, the quiz is fun to take but it also gets you thinking about how it will really be when you have a baby and what things will change.  I think it’s really important to look at each member of your family and see how it will affect them and how it will affect your family as a whole.  Finances are obviously something that needs to be considered and I also believe praying about it is important. 

Let me know if this is helpful and if you took the quiz for fun!

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